If You Look Up, Maybe You Can See Them.

Tookie, the tuxedo lady cat is halfway up a tree. "Psst, guy! You wanna climb?" "WOW! Okay!" shouts the Slinky One. Next thing, they're on a rooftop. "Okay, where are we?" The Slinky One asks Tookie, who is looking over the edge of the roof. "I dunno, high." The Slinky One looks over the roof as well and says, "Okay, this is pretty high." "We could go higher!" Tookie says, looking up.

The original adventure girl, Tookie was known to gain access to rooftops to fight crime. She joined a neighborhood watch after a mugging left her jingly beads in a hedge, and enjoyed sprints through parking lots and climbing into open drawers. At the end of the day, though, her favorite thing was stretching out at home with her feet up. And jewelry. Always jewelry.

I’ve enjoyed telling their stories this month, if it’s okay I think I’ll do it again soon.