Fourteen O’Clock!

Aww, Puppy, happy fourteen o’clock! I love you, tan tornado. Baby Yoda totally stole your look. And you totally stole my heart. And the dictionary. And Mum’s glasses and Nan’s audiobooks. I’m so glad you like cats. I guess it helps that you met the best cats ever when you were all the same size.Continue reading “Fourteen O’Clock!”

I Got Goals But I’m Not a Goalpost!

You know cat hockey is nothing without fridges for goals. So why does fluffy porch cat go up on the roof? There’s no fridge up there, porch cat, what are you doing? Also yes, I totally tell time to run by gazing absently at my bare wrist, that was 100% intentional.

The Days Are Getting Longer!

Winter Solstice is my jam. This autumn was mild but that only made it more of a bummer that we had to be indoors before 4 o’clock. Yes, I am a cat and yes, all domestic cats must be indoors before it gets too dim to see the paws in front of us. The PuppyContinue reading “The Days Are Getting Longer!”