It really can be funny.

This week will be about The Woman’s sudden shaving incident. The twins mainly would like to have her bed to themselves again, like the old days, but that’ll happen soon enough. As I write this, she’s already up and around, not as much as she’d like, but soon…soon. I have some serious acid reflux andContinue reading “It really can be funny.”

See you next year.

Eek, I did this a while ago. I have never not looked forward to a new year on new year’s eve as much as this one. Usually I’ll pine for the year gone by because invariably someone I liked died or a radio station changed formats or something, but this will most likely be aContinue reading “See you next year.”

Movie Week: Emma

I’m recovering from dinner this past Thursday, and have decided to not eat again for quite a long time. Meanwhile, movie week is under way and it starts with Emma. You say you don’t get it? You obviously haven’t watched Emma enough. The next strip’s going to be even weirder, but it comes from theContinue reading “Movie Week: Emma”

An Old Hope.

I am a Star Wars fan. Not that I usually sit around wearing my rubber Amidala headgear, but today…today I saw stuff that made me remember why I like Star Wars. The teaser for Episode III was released today which was the only reason I had MTV on this afternoon. How anyone watches TRL, I’llContinue reading “An Old Hope.”

I’m Lynda and I approve this message.

I held off on any political jokes until the end. Isn’t my rage at stupid media people funny? HAHA, laugh with me! Notice how I leave it open-ended, so all can embrace my feeling without being insulted if they do happen to be really into views opposed to mine? Don’t worry, Wednesday you’ll know whoContinue reading “I’m Lynda and I approve this message.”

Drive-by hi.

What? That special time after the sun stops baking the Earth, otherwise known as early Fall, is usually a busy time for me, because I have to do all the stuff I didn’t do all Summer, and I have to do it fast, before Winter comes along and freezes my hands off. So I’ve beenContinue reading “Drive-by hi.”


Every night after dinner for like an hour, I walk the Ninja Twins.  The Fluffy One has a teal lead, The Slinky One has a purple one.  This was because my mother and Nan thought they wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.  The Woman and I, we know. The brothers, however, occasionally happen uponContinue reading “Storytime.”

Stuff of legends.

…seriously. This entire arc has been based on a joke I ran with after adopting the Ninja Twins. One had corrective naval surgery while at NSAL, and had three stitches in his little furry body. And so it was that for weeks on end, they would tell everyone who would listen tales of their bravery,Continue reading “Stuff of legends.”