To All The Good Smells

The Puppy is running low on boyfriends. Last month the world lost the unique talents of Gizmo the Protector, a furry dude who took his job so seriously he wouldn’t let anyone reach past him to ring the doorbell of his house to alert his family he’d scaled the barbecue again. I had the honorContinue reading “To All The Good Smells”

Curds of Wisdom!

Fidget and Famous were awesome neighbor dogs from two ends of the street, they never tried to eat us and lived long epic lives. All hail Fidget and Famous fureverrrrr! (Tomorrow’s also eight years since The Woman left us and I’d like to think they had a grand old time sniffing each other as theyContinue reading “Curds of Wisdom!”


My Mum had knee surgery and this is what I drew when it was over.  It’s only been two weeks and it kinda feels like the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy with The Hobbit thrown in (I am Bilbo).  I will say this: if you need knee replacements, do it, you won’t regret it. Continue reading “LEGGY LEGGY!”

I’m wearing Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, thank you. Oh, these are Payless sneakers, thanks!

I watched the Oscars and found that compared to the show, one commercial in particular was the best target for heckling. The Aquafina commercial with people hugging and carrying bottles of water while Karen Carpenter sings Top of the World. I grew up in the ’70s, I like the Carpenters, I like Top of theContinue reading “I’m wearing Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, thank you. Oh, these are Payless sneakers, thanks!”

Cheese, please.

Today’s strip brings you the perils of label reading. I really have to wonder what kind of vets formulate the Pedigree line of products. They’re all about dogs, they say. Then I have to wonder why their Dentabone 3-in-1 shares an ingredient with antifreeze. Do dogs tend to get corrosion under the gums? Do theirContinue reading “Cheese, please.”