They’re All So Cute Together!

The Fluffy One is asleep at his window. Babycat is sleeping on the back of the couch. The Kitten is sprawled out asleep on the seat of the couch, and The Puppy is sleeping with her chin on the arm of the couch. Overhead, the spirit of The Slinky One snoozes near his bro. I crouch down near the couch, hearts in my eyes, and say, "Look at them! They're all so cute together!" The Spider, hanging from a nearby lamp, says, "Wait 'til they wake up."

Okay, this all has kinda happened and they’re all very cute together when they’re awake, but, you know, it’s jarring having a wee grey tiger come running up in your face, especially if you’re a nearsighted fluff panther. Also when a puppy nearly sits on you because you match her favorite rug and you’re on her favorite rug, OMG I’ve heard so much hissing. They’re awesome, though. That window is their favorite. ALL of them.

Tiger Mommy!

The Fluffy One visits his litter pan. "Ah, time for the nightly wee in the privacy of my downstairs pan!" As he is weeing, Babycat comes flying out of nowehere, tail blown up, yelling, "You stay away from my baby!" In the third panel, The Fluffy One is also blown up, asking, "What the fish?!" as The Puppy approaches and asks, "What're you doing? That's my bro." Babycat, still blown up, says, "Excuse me, I have to get back to my baby."

(Everyone’s fine.)

Wow, I guess I should’ve realized Babycat would be hella protective of her baby. Before she had her kitten, she was like, “Hey, cat. ‘sup.” and my Fluffy son would look at her, but that was all. They had an understanding, you know? It’s turning out The Puppy is not having any cat fights on her watch, and I’ve explained that The Fluffy One is my baby and no one is going to be allowed to fly at each other from out of nowhere. Holy crap Babycat is fast.

They each get visitation with the downstairs pan, now. Keep in mind there’s an upstairs pan and a downstairs pan, and Babycat and her kitten have their own pan. They have more bathrooms than the humans they live with! Downstairs pan is no longer in view of the box where Babycat is raising her kitten to be a totally laid back guy, and so there won’t be any misunderstandings or trauma while the grown ups are weeing.

Doors, okay? Sometimes we close the doors to that room. I think they’ll be okay once the kitten can take care of himself. I’m sure they’ll be fine. I really hope they’ll be fine. OMG WTH.