I feel the same…

As my little storyteller. No, really. It will pass, however. I just need to let the allergy medicine kick in again. I leave you with the knowledge that I like to sew. I’m pretty good at it, I mean, even though I’ve sewn a great many things to my own body parts, it all endsContinue reading “I feel the same…”

Benny The Fish.

True story: I had a fish named Benny.  Benny and Maristella, named for characters from a soap opera I watched during childhood nosebleeds.  All my other fish had names too, but when Benny died, and we called my Poppy to tell him Benny The Fish died, my Poppy said, “Ohhh, no.  …Who’s Benny The Fish?”

It’s the writer’s cramp!

You would think, having used old crappy psycho drawings for two weeks, I’d have a bunch of strips lined up ready to go, but no. You don’t need to know this, of course. Just go and admire the pimping skills of my kittens, I know I do. They know I do, too. I think I’llContinue reading “It’s the writer’s cramp!”

On the first part of the journey….

Oh, the poor kittens. Of course, it loses a lot of suspense when you realize it’s all a flashback. Then again, one of the non-fictional twins jumped head-first into a glass door tonight, so they never fail to dish the suspense to the max. I have since covered the door with Stik-ees, but the kittenContinue reading “On the first part of the journey….”

Flashback to new beginnings.

I’m actually attempting to comprehend what the twins have told me of their lives before me, and show it to you. Turns out they come from the same planet as their Pops. Who would have guessed? So, it’s all intricate and stuff, today’s will also be a tad tardy.

Crossing the line of reality.

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I have a rather active imagination where my life is concerned. For instance, if a spider were to drop from the ceiling, onto my bed, and steal one of my earplugs, I’d probably let him keep it. This week should start a new arc of the story…ifContinue reading “Crossing the line of reality.”

Back to my roots.

This is the first time I tried to scan a napkin, and I’m not at all thrilled with the result. This doesn’t make me look forward to scanning the other hundred or so napkins I’ve drawn on over the years. Damn you, Marcal! Damn you and your embossed paper products!

Who knew 9 pounds of fur could have that much pull?

I’m a big pushover when it comes to the Ninjas. I think maybe they drug me, but however this happened, I have broken The Rule and harnessed one of the Ninja twins, who became psychotic when he touched a lawn chair, and ran headlong into the daisies. Luckily, the Woman’s shepherding skills are still sharpContinue reading “Who knew 9 pounds of fur could have that much pull?”