It’s a Great Thing!

If two cats ever needed each other, more…well, maybe Captain Tinycat should be included in that. But these two. I’ve already informed the vet he has to keep The Fluffy One alive another 20 years for The Kitten to have his Uncle Fluff at all times. I can only imagine how epic having TWO unclesContinue reading “It’s a Great Thing!”

Everyone Sing My New Holiday Song!

I wrote that whole song in an instant and then was only able to manage “Huggie Bunches!” for my own thing I’m thankful for. But what more did I really need to say? Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me to know our silly adventures are amusing you! *shares the pie*

Let’s have a singalong!

To the best of my knowledge there are no songs about John Howland falling off the Mayflower so please do not Google the totally fictional song I’m singing in search of the sheet music or lyrics because I claim no responsibility for what you may find.