Even words suck.

When I started doing this comic, I had always planned on ending the year with this kind of strip, but the ending kept changing.

Now, as I’m standing at the end of the year looking back at what happened within my little realm of conciousness, I realize it could’ve been much worse on a lot of levels. I’m not even talking world events here, my extended family alone has had a lot of things happen this year that quite frankly suck.

I’m feeling rather unfunny at the moment, as when I come out from under my rock, reality blinds me. On my main page, I put a link up to the Amazon Red Cross donation page that’s been going around for the tsunami, even the cynical part of me truly hopes it makes a difference. I think we should all take a lesson from South Asia and realize that official emergency preparedness is a joke and tourism boards aren’t always looking out for the safety of others.

It really defies explanation, pt 2.

20040630Anyway. My happy little land of lilies and foliage looked like it was re-enacting the end of Medicine Man, so while I was fixing things, I noticed some really big termites working on the remains of the tree.

I couldn’t get to two of them and take out my rage, so I used their picture in today’s comic and I’m not paying the bastards. That’ll show them!

The moral of the story is: Don’t fall into the trap of home ownership if you value food.

Same as it ever was…

20040524I cut my own hair, you know. It looks it.

I should note that if a largish purple spider wearing a top hat appeared at my side, even if it was trying to reassure me that eventually we all end up not having a lot of problems, I think I’d probably die right there.

Also, the size of the hole in the floor has been mildly exaggerated for the sake of my lousy drawing skills. I’m not sticking my legs in the real hole to prove it, either.

Then I noticed something odd.

20040519Life is funny.

Like, say, when you’re already running low on money, and you notice an extremely squishy spot in your floor, and upon inspection you discover the wonder that is termites hard at work.

Not only have these little bastards eaten a quarter of my floor, they’ve eaten a beam, a window frame, a door frame and possibly my wall, but we’re not looking. Oh yeah, they seem to have eaten $3000 as well.

This has been a PSA for having your house treated for termites before you find them.