I always wanted to be categorized.

I am a pasty goth wannabe. I’ve worn my share of black eyeshadow and blue lipstick, I love The Cure, and my wallpaper is black with little flowers on it. That might be where it went wrong. The flowers. They’re sort of mauve flowers.

I’m allergic to the sun, you know…not to the point of combustion, but it makes me act like Smeagol in an Elven leash at best. The great thing about the sun in Winter is it’s not around quite so much, and even when it is, the freezing temperature of the air sort of throws off the whole incineration process.

Things are thawing out and I see future repair projects lining up. Why can’t concrete not crack?

Hey yeah, happy terrify the small creature day…I prefer Imbolc myself…but that was yesterday. >_>