The Bright Side

I have to admit one month later, I can’t find the bright side of losing my Slinky Son, but I started this year listening to Eric Idle’s audiobook Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life: A Sortabiography. I credit the Pythons for keeping me alive until black cats came into my life, and forContinue reading “The Bright Side”

This is the Cat I’ve Been Telling You About.

This comic strip exists as a love letter to my cats and dogs, and so I owe it to them to keep telling the story, while keeping it as bearable as possible for you all to read. I haven’t wanted to get into my Slinky son’s health beyond what I’ve been sharing, because I haveContinue reading “This is the Cat I’ve Been Telling You About.”

The Days Are Getting Longer!

Winter Solstice is my jam. This autumn was mild but that only made it more of a bummer that we had to be indoors before 4 o’clock. Yes, I am a cat and yes, all domestic cats must be indoors before it gets too dim to see the paws in front of us. The PuppyContinue reading “The Days Are Getting Longer!”