A guest comic drawn by my Nan!

Nan asked if there was anything she could do while I was spending a week on the phone in the aftermath of the only purse snatching we haven’t seen on the news. I said the same thing I always say when someone asks if there’s something they can do for me: “Draw my comic?” LadiesContinue reading “A guest comic drawn by my Nan!”

When Does It Get Relaxing?

The things that happened in the 19 days between when I drew Wednesday’s strip and this one…. Life is weird. Tell the ones you love that you love them, but maybe don’t offer to drive them to the bank during the first week of the month because IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Stay away fromContinue reading “When Does It Get Relaxing?”

Totally Routine Things

Eh…check yourself before you wreck yourself? As a totally not-routine thing, this is what I was planning to do this week, but life is on hold because my mom had her purse stolen with my phone, driver’s license, and bank card in there so it’s been police and phone calls for a week and weContinue reading “Totally Routine Things”