Sticking Around

I'm wearing a dark hoodie and holding a stick that could totally be a double-bladed lightsaber. The Fluffy One is playing with the stick, Babycat is pawing at it, and The Kitten is flipped over in the air, grabbing at the stick. "This stick belongs to me now, uncle!" The Kitten declares. "My boy!" Babycat says. The Fluffy One says, "You stop being dangerous and get down here! Stick cannot be played with you walking around in the sky!" The Puppy just stands there asking, "They fly now?" The spirit of The Slinky One hovers nearby, telling The Kitten, "You get that thing, little baby! Then give my bro a hug and chase his juicy butt!"

The Fluffy One’s always been a fan of sticks. Other cats can have the ribbons and feathers and squeaky chirpy things, he knows where the action’s at. This week his sweet nephew discovered the magic of sticks and was hooked. I said, “What have I done?” a few times as I searched for a place to hide the stick, which wasn’t easy on account of all the laughing.

New Star Wars this weekend! I’ve lived through the LAST STAR WARS EVER three times now, first in 1983 and then in 2005, and I’m looking forward to enjoying this one. I find it’s easy to enjoy Star Wars when I avoid people talking about Star Wars, and I had the time to make this comic because I’m off most social media until I see the movie. I guess you could say the only sticking around I’m doing will be with actual sticks. Oh ho ho.


Ginger kittens and mommy shut down my offer of a furever home.

Cats know how to shut you down, man.

Like, how I kept wanting to get close to these little ginger babies and give them (and their parents, if they wanted it) a home, but the one with the white face and paws, who always looked to see what her mom was doing and then did the same, went overboard to make sure I didn’t take her away from her wonderland of pouncing on tree roots and fighting azaleas. She went and died on us Saturday morning. Even the mailman was sad. Run free and bask in the sunny spots forever, little Riley, you were a doll.

(I am so not cut out to be that kind of cat lady.)

In case you were wondering, of course I have a photo.

Mommy cat with two pumpkin kittens.

Kittens are blurry, you know.