Summer Is The Time To Relax!

There’s a lot going on here, and I do want to make comics about all of it, well, not all of it, but I want to make sure my Mum can see them and she’s in the hospital fighting off Legionella pneumonia right now so I just don’t really feel like going HAHA LET’S COLORContinue reading “Summer Is The Time To Relax!”

Sticking Around

The Fluffy One’s always been a fan of sticks. Other cats can have the ribbons and feathers and squeaky chirpy things, he knows where the action’s at. This week his sweet nephew discovered the magic of sticks and was hooked. I said, “What have I done?” a few times as I searched for a placeContinue reading “Sticking Around”

The Days Are Getting Longer!

Winter Solstice is my jam. This autumn was mild but that only made it more of a bummer that we had to be indoors before 4 o’clock. Yes, I am a cat and yes, all domestic cats must be indoors before it gets too dim to see the paws in front of us. The PuppyContinue reading “The Days Are Getting Longer!”