Just another day….

They hung up!

Okay, so it was really my Mum who called Animal Control about the raccoon who showed up in broad daylight for a drink from the water bowl we clean three times a day, but you know, The Puppy loves talking on the phone so she’s the stand-in.

I told Mum I don’t think the raccoon could be rabid if it was drinking water. It totally left after it was noticed, I think it was on the run from someone doing yard work up the block. We haven’t seen it again, although with all the trees…who can tell?

They say raccoons are the new squirrels. I…oh man, that’d be weird.

Never go out in the sun before 3PM. If all the world learned this, I would be a happier placemat.


I have a thing where, if I go out in the sun much, I sort of get really ill. It’s entertaining at first, but then I turn into a nasty drunk and it’s just not worth it. I’m pretty sure this condition has an official name, but I prefer my four-letter description of it much better.

The heavy snow this past Winter was not kind to my really big shrubbery in the front of my house, it pretty much died. It is growing back now, however, but all the dead branches didn’t look so good. So I took a day to prune them.

And then I noticed my tree was dead and partly eaten by termites. This did not amuse me, and it is not good news to the birds and raccoons that like to use the tree for a meeting spot.