I just completed this comic 6 hours ago with a tuxie mommy standing on the keyboard. She made sure I finished it. My girls haven’t played together…yet. They still stare ate each other like, well, “Are you the daughter of the trollop who stole my man?” and “Are you the mother of that maniac?” butContinue reading “Footie.”


Who else is hyped for last year’s Olympics? I’ve seen every one of them on TV since 1980 and I rarely get sick of them. I get sick from sleep deprivation, yeah, but I never get sick of seeing people get along and do amazing stuff for two weeks straight. It’s weird as hell thisContinue reading “ARE THE OLYMPICS ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!”

Wakanda Forever

A flashback to 2018 in honor of the king. This year is so cruel it now took Chadwick Boseman and I can’t deal with that. He’s younger than me, for one thing. My heart goes out to his family and all the kids who saw T’Challa and believed they could do anything. That part ofContinue reading “Wakanda Forever”

More Sports!

The Paralympics are on this week! I have no idea if they’ll be on TV more than last time, but as long as I get to see the Curling I’ll be happy. I know during the Rio Paralympics the events were all on YouTube, which is a pretty nifty idea for people who don’t wantContinue reading “More Sports!”

Time flies, but there’s a flame and maybe some fish involved.

By now I’m probably wiped out on sports and inspiration, but I had fun doing these and I hope you all had fun reading them. No idea what stories are going to come from the actual Olympics, but if the finale is anything like this I WIN.

How’s Your Olympics Going?

You know I drew all of these and then found out a friend’s daughter was going to be at the Olympics? I made an offhand comment that she should hug the mascot for me, and I swear a few days later she posted a selfie with Soohorang. It made me super happy.

Oh hey, Lars!

Lars! You remember Lars, don’t you? (I haven’t migrated the strips over from the other site but he showed up in 2010 and again in 2012.) He’s a Norwegian Elkhound, so he speaks Norwegian, but he’s glad he and the Puppy are still living, and so am I. Apparently he’s realized his dream of joiningContinue reading “Oh hey, Lars!”