Oh hey, Lars!

The Puppy catches up with Lars the Norwegian Elkhound at the curling sheet. She has a one-sided chat with him, and when he notices her, he says he is glad they're still living. So am I, bub.

Lars! You remember Lars, don’t you?

(I haven’t migrated the strips over from the other site but he showed up in 2010 and again in 2012.)

He’s a Norwegian Elkhound, so he speaks Norwegian, but he’s glad he and the Puppy are still living, and so am I. Apparently he’s realized his dream of joining the Norwegian curling team. This has been our Valentine’s day episode, thank you and goodnight.

Every Good Snow Mans Needs Hats!

Nice hat.

If you snow it then you shoulda put a hat on it.

You want to know a secret?  When I drew these I HAD NO IDEA THE OLYMPICS WOULD STILL BE ON.  I drew these during the great dialtone outage of January and scheduled them to post in between blizzards so you guys could have comics even if I had no Internet.  I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I’M STILL ALIVE, I POSTED THIS ON 2/3. :O