Every Good Snow Mans Needs Hats!

If you snow it then you shoulda put a hat on it. You want to know a secret?  When I drew these I HAD NO IDEA THE OLYMPICS WOULD STILL BE ON.  I drew these during the great dialtone outage of January and scheduled them to post in between blizzards so you guys could haveContinue reading “Every Good Snow Mans Needs Hats!”

No packing required.

Russia, I love you but you got problems*. So we’re doing our own damn Olympics and everyone’s welcome to be themselves and even bring their own medals. *Then again, there are a great many Olympic hosts that have made me shake my head, my own country included so…yeah.

Here We Go Again…

So…there’s an Olympics coming up.  And I tend to draw silly pictures concerning those since the days when Brian Boitano was the current champ, and now we wire lamps together.  Well, not together, but he made a nifty light for his house on his TV show and I did rewire a pull-chain light last year,Continue reading “Here We Go Again…”