Tiger Mommy!

The Fluffy One visits his litter pan. "Ah, time for the nightly wee in the privacy of my downstairs pan!" As he is weeing, Babycat comes flying out of nowehere, tail blown up, yelling, "You stay away from my baby!" In the third panel, The Fluffy One is also blown up, asking, "What the fish?!" as The Puppy approaches and asks, "What're you doing? That's my bro." Babycat, still blown up, says, "Excuse me, I have to get back to my baby."

(Everyone’s fine.)

Wow, I guess I should’ve realized Babycat would be hella protective of her baby. Before she had her kitten, she was like, “Hey, cat. ‘sup.” and my Fluffy son would look at her, but that was all. They had an understanding, you know? It’s turning out The Puppy is not having any cat fights on her watch, and I’ve explained that The Fluffy One is my baby and no one is going to be allowed to fly at each other from out of nowhere. Holy crap Babycat is fast.

They each get visitation with the downstairs pan, now. Keep in mind there’s an upstairs pan and a downstairs pan, and Babycat and her kitten have their own pan. They have more bathrooms than the humans they live with! Downstairs pan is no longer in view of the box where Babycat is raising her kitten to be a totally laid back guy, and so there won’t be any misunderstandings or trauma while the grown ups are weeing.

Doors, okay? Sometimes we close the doors to that room. I think they’ll be okay once the kitten can take care of himself. I’m sure they’ll be fine. I really hope they’ll be fine. OMG WTH.

Babyer Babycat! Tinier Tinycat! A KITTEN!

Hey, I draw it how it was. I didn’t wanna bug her too much, not knowing how many kittens were on the way. Around 10:44 I peeked in and Babycat already had her kitten cleaned up and was nursing him. In the corner was the sort of thing you find when a cat has a kitten. I’d read to make sure there was one for each kitten, and so I was fascinated by the whole thing but yes, I Googled “What does cat placenta look like?” because I honestly wasn’t sure. And now I am. And now you all are, too. *ahem*

Forget that, look at this first super-zoomed up spy photo of my adopted daughter and grandbaby!

Less than 20 minutes old, Babycat nurses her lone grey kitten.

That’s the picture I sent around to everyone like I’d never seen a kitten before. BECAUSE I HADN’T OMG LOOK AT HIS WIDDLE EARS! (Seriously, The Ninja Twins came into my life at 3 months, and I guess Babycat was around the same age when I first saw her in the hedges with her mom and siblings. I didn’t even know the kitten couldn’t hear me squeeing over him at first!)


Babycat tells The Puppy a whole story about needing a safe place to have her kitten. The Puppy hears her meowing and asks, "Is this cat a werewolf?" Babycat asks the fluffy calico through the window. "Where's a good place to have my kitten?" The fluffy calico says, "Find a tire or a closet, I'm not your mom!" In the third panel, I'm looking for Babycat, and she pokes her head out of the closet and says, "I need privacy!"

I wish I had video of all the talking Babycat did the day she had her kitten. It was adorable and I thought she was just being really friendly until she climbed into my Mum’s closet and well, then things got real. Yay for her being a patient cat and yay for big boxes!

Spoiler alert, the kitten’s adorable.

A tabby kitten sleeps next to his mom, the young tabby known as Babycat.

Psst, to contribute to the vet bills, visit https://www.ko-fi.com/lyndan

The Magic Window

Babycat and I are sitting in a crate. I am squinting at a phone. Babycat asks, "You have me and I'm safe, now what?" I tell her I have to make like my Poppy and uncles and promote myself. "Is that like becoming porch queen?" Babycat asks. "I know how to do that!" Babycat tells me on the street, only one thing matters. "Love?" I ask. "Catching your next meal!" she tells me. In the third panel, we're watching a video of squirrels on the phone. "This is fun, but why can't we catch any sqirrels through the magic window?" "That's the magic!" I say, because I am an idiot.

For the first few days Babycat lived in The Puppy’s crate, because I wasn’t sure if she’d dig indoor living, and I didn’t know if she knew how to use a litter pan. You already saw she moved out of the crate and settled into cat-bed-at-the-window-life, and she knows how to use a pan like a pro. This proves cats are better at adapting to things than humans are. During those first days, I felt terrible about taking her away from her adventures and showed her a lot of videos of birds and squirrels. She enjoyed it! (Watch Babycat watches squirrels and birds through the magic window.)

I Got A Plan!

I got a plan!

Unfortunately plans are expensive. For a society that insists people spay and neuter their pets to keep them healthy and reduce overpopulation, they sure don’t make it easy. The Ninja Twins and The Puppy had everything taken care of at the shelter, and the cost has doubled since the ’90s when m’Man and The Woman had their surgeries. Pet insurance doesn’t cover it, so that won’t help. BUT YOU CAN!

The vet we’re going to told us to wait 8 weeks until even consulting them about spaying Babycat and neutering her baby who you haven’t met yet but surprise! I’m a grandma! And grandma needs donations to the Babycat health fund.

You can help out through https://ko-fi.com/lyndan or by sharing this. If 150 people give us a Ko-Fi, we’re set! For Babycat, anyway. Another 100 Ko-Fis would be appreciated for her son. We can totally do this!

Do it for him:

An animated GIF of a grey tabby kitten rolling over next to his mom.