I identify as a cat.

I talk about how I was with m'man for fourteen years and we have two sons that are junior hotties. In the second panel I am holding a young tabby. I say I am currently with this girl. The fluffy calico says she didn't know I was a cat. As the tabby jumps off my lap, I admit I identify as a cat. I am still wearing the cat ears, collar, and drawn-on whiskers.

Oh, m’Man. He’s the one who made me want to draw comics of cats and someday there’ll be a book about him.

Oh, the Ninja Twins, they are not happy they aren’t in the comic more this month.

Oh, that little girl cat. She should be mine, curling up in a Ninja sandwich with my boys, but she is her own cat and I sometimes have to go days without seeing her because she doesn’t have time to wait around for me, she has places she wants to be.

When Does It Get Relaxing?

I'm sitting on a bucket behind the shed with The Puppy, eating my peanut butter on rye and asking how to be safe. The Puppy says "Just do what I do." Meanwhile, the Ninja Twins are watching ants. The Slinky One muses that the ant carrying a piece of bread could be picked up by a hungry bird. He says life is freaking him out. He notes the ants are headed toward me, and The Fluffy One adds that the ants are headed into my pants as I lay on the ground with the Puppy. "When does it get relaxing?" I ask. "I dunno, I'm on alert 24/7," The Puppy replies.

The things that happened in the 19 days between when I drew Wednesday’s strip and this one….

Life is weird. Tell the ones you love that you love them, but maybe don’t offer to drive them to the bank during the first week of the month because IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Stay away from banks. People don’t rob banks anymore, they wait until people come out of the bank and then rob them.