We beat Spielberg to it!

Hey, how have you all been? Going to the movies this weekend? We’re all super, can’t wait to show you our new adventures. I don’t go out to the movies because I like watching movies with my dog and cats. Apologies to Stephen Sondheim for mangling his lyrics, HE KNOWS NOW.

Yay, Memorable Dogs!

…okay, see, my first dog (who all the young lady dogs refer to as Grand Funk) looked at an exotic dancer on television ONE TIME. It was adorable of him. I’m sure if The Puppy’s boyfriend is with Grand Funk now they’re totally watching ladies dance. *ahem*


I swear they put sedatives in vaccines, The Puppy was stoned for the rest of the day. She didn’t even bark at the nosy neighbor dog when she caught it standing in our driveway. Not that she would bark, The Puppy is a Ninja in her own right, you don’t know she’s there until it’sContinue reading “Just…Really.”

Tangled To The Max

Fresh wee-mails are the best. Max is a sweetheart, he’s crazy about The Puppy and she loves everyone for an adequate amount of time and then she’s done and takes off in her chosen direction, leashes in the way be damned. I didn’t mind being tied to Max at all. We haven’t seen Max orContinue reading “Tangled To The Max”