You know....

I swear they put sedatives in vaccines, The Puppy was stoned for the rest of the day. She didn’t even bark at the nosy neighbor dog when she caught it standing in our driveway. Not that she would bark, The Puppy is a Ninja in her own right, you don’t know she’s there until it’s too late for crime. And the nosy neighbor dog’s woman is a total trespasser.

To All The Good Smells

The Puppy is running low on boyfriends. Last month the world lost the unique talents of Gizmo the Protector, a furry dude who took his job so seriously he wouldn’t let anyone reach past him to ring the doorbell of his house to alert his family he’d scaled the barbecue again. I had the honor of spending a summer evening with Gizmo, strangely laid back as a guest in my yard. Once he was back with his family he quickly forgot our affair and I assume told me to step back. Gizmo enjoyed digging and wrestling and showing everyone his Cujo impression. He was preceded to the great big yard by his brother Fidget, who was a classy little guy.

The Puppy literally has one boyfriend left on the block.

The Woman’s buttpuffs really do bring all the boys to the yard, OMG.

Even words suck.

When I started doing this comic, I had always planned on ending the year with this kind of strip, but the ending kept changing.

Now, as I’m standing at the end of the year looking back at what happened within my little realm of conciousness, I realize it could’ve been much worse on a lot of levels. I’m not even talking world events here, my extended family alone has had a lot of things happen this year that quite frankly suck.

I’m feeling rather unfunny at the moment, as when I come out from under my rock, reality blinds me. On my main page, I put a link up to the Amazon Red Cross donation page that’s been going around for the tsunami, even the cynical part of me truly hopes it makes a difference. I think we should all take a lesson from South Asia and realize that official emergency preparedness is a joke and tourism boards aren’t always looking out for the safety of others.