I know! 7:45am. 12/21!

So yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, who doesn’t get set upon by hordes of thirsty mosquitoes in 36° weather? I don’t know how they hold on in the winds. I suppose it could be worse, though…. Monkeys at Hindu Temple Attack Children By WASBIR HUSSAIN GAUHATI, India (AP) – Monkeys lurking at anContinue reading “I know! 7:45am. 12/21!”

Everybody has their own doom.

I put so much effort into the 7/21 strip, that I’ve held up the 7/23 one. Now my hand is cramped. For the record, I don’t keep the shop-vac that close to the basement door, and I’d never leave the radio plugged in on the stairs. I could kill someone with that, and at theContinue reading “Everybody has their own doom.”