I’m Lynda and I approve this message.

I held off on any political jokes until the end. Isn’t my rage at stupid media people funny? HAHA, laugh with me! Notice how I leave it open-ended, so all can embrace my feeling without being insulted if they do happen to be really into views opposed to mine? Don’t worry, Wednesday you’ll know whoContinue reading “I’m Lynda and I approve this message.”

Drive-by hi.

What? That special time after the sun stops baking the Earth, otherwise known as early Fall, is usually a busy time for me, because I have to do all the stuff I didn’t do all Summer, and I have to do it fast, before Winter comes along and freezes my hands off. So I’ve beenContinue reading “Drive-by hi.”

Don’t give me any of that 17-year claptrap!

Cicadas emerge from my lawn every year. Oh, sure, they’re not the big ones, but what they lack in size, they make up in number. One almost always is chosen as ambassador and tries to greet me. It never works out. I assume they were surprised to see the tree gone as well.

Back to my roots.

This is the first time I tried to scan a napkin, and I’m not at all thrilled with the result. This doesn’t make me look forward to scanning the other hundred or so napkins I’ve drawn on over the years. Damn you, Marcal! Damn you and your embossed paper products!

Same as it ever was…

I cut my own hair, you know. It looks it. I should note that if a largish purple spider wearing a top hat appeared at my side, even if it was trying to reassure me that eventually we all end up not having a lot of problems, I think I’d probably die right there. Also,Continue reading “Same as it ever was…”

Then I noticed something odd.

Life is funny. Like, say, when you’re already running low on money, and you notice an extremely squishy spot in your floor, and upon inspection you discover the wonder that is termites hard at work. Not only have these little bastards eaten a quarter of my floor, they’ve eaten a beam, a window frame, aContinue reading “Then I noticed something odd.”

The Day Began Normally Enough

This is the first intentionally drawn commentary on my life. As you might be able to make out, I’m freaked out by people that lift the lids of step-on garbage cans with their hands, then handle food, but I’m fine with cats bathing on the table in front of me. Stealth Ninjas are very cleanContinue reading “The Day Began Normally Enough”