The Saddest Mom Joke

Actual conversation I imagined on walkies one day WHAT OF COURSE I TALK TO EVERY CAT I MEET. The older peachy creams have been in the comic before, you may recall them as the first orange kittens and also the random purrkour cat. They’re about a year old now and possibly prove the Puppy’s pointContinue reading “The Saddest Mom Joke”

It was so cute…while it lasted.

Wait, I thought I said when I finished Wednesday’s comic the ginger kitten disappeared? Well, yeah, I had this comic finished ahead of the last. This is not why she disappeared; at least after this she knew to go to the porch, when I went out to apologize for my laywer and to show herContinue reading “It was so cute…while it lasted.”

Oh Kid, Don’t Ever Go.

I drew this three weeks ago, and it seemed very funny to me at the time. Uncle Papa cat basically has enough of the other cats running around him when he’s trying to eat, and it’s adorable how he’d very gently move the little ones aside, and how they’d bounce right back up the stairsContinue reading “Oh Kid, Don’t Ever Go.”