I feel like this today. ALL THIS.

Bonking is a way of life.Drew this during the heatwave. At 105°F I go into automatic mode. Then something’ll happen like The Puppy gets an ear infection from all the rain and it’s like OH HELL, SHOULDA GOT THE A/C FIXED. But then halfway up the road something else starts smoking so it’s like, not that big a deal anymore.  Or wait, I mean after I met the 17-year-old tabby named Bonnie Jones and her people in the waiting room and realize all my minor quibbles are bull.  Three hours to get a tube of Posatex.  I’m done for the week. OH WAIT, I’m not, ’cause Mum’s got pre-knee things I don’t even…HEY LOOK AT MY COMIC IT’S FUNNY!

Also, after the age of Queen Elizabeth, there will be Kings of England for the rest of my life.  This is…something I thought of.