The Most Intense Staring Contest.

My cousin bird was a champion at doing freaky stuff with her eyes, and I’m honestly not sure who would win in a staring contest between her and The Woman but I know it would be a thing to see. Shoutout to the little bird that kept me company on July 4, too. The SlinkyContinue reading “The Most Intense Staring Contest.”

I Made A Thing!

I’ve somehow been coding 100 days straight and to celebrate I made a game. It’s a memory match game starring all of us comic strip characters and can be found here: It needs JavaScript enabled and I’d love feedback (like if it doesn’t behave the way it should). I am planning bigger things forContinue reading “I Made A Thing!”

Ladies, Have You Tried…Toys?

My little girlfriend who doesn’t want to live with me loves playing with a squeaky mouse on a feather stick. It technically belongs to the Ninja Twins, but they’ve got two so sharing is caring and all that. *ahem* The other lady cats have no idea what we’re doing. In fact the one who hissesContinue reading “Ladies, Have You Tried…Toys?”

I know, you’re all screaming at the screen right now. So am I.

Well, I think they’re leaving it open for another season. Mystery Month will see you again in 25 fortnights. Meanwhile…

You would care for the game of chance?

Back before the Internet, my main form of rainy day entertainment was MONOPOLY TOURNAMENTS. …yes, just me.  Why do you ask? The Ninja Twins of course were card sharks in Vegas and The Puppy?  I’m not sure but she does know how to carry around a bottle of gin.