It’s A Diner, Not A Bookstore!

How To Talk To Your Cat About Abstinence is an actual book my amazeballs cousin bestowed upon me for holiday time and I think my sweet boy may be absorbing the message because while his sister wives’ milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, he goes right on eating as if he could notContinue reading “It’s A Diner, Not A Bookstore!”

The Pandonutica Opens

I guess that answers the question of the hour. It doesn’t?  Oh.  Okay.  Well, 30 years ago tomorrow, this guy (pictured left, featured all week as the mysterious digger-upper of the Pandonutica, and generally known in the comic as Grand Funk) came into my life and the world was a better place for it. DoctorContinue reading “The Pandonutica Opens”