Just A Gigolo….

The Slinky One is now yelling out the window to the fluffy calico. He yells, "Broad! Hey Broad, bring those dames in here, we could have a spot of tea!" The fluffy calico asks who he is again, and he begins to sing, "I'm just a gigolo, everywhere I go, people know the game I'm playing." Out on the porch, I'm playing feather stick with the baby tabby and the fluffy calico asks me, "What went wrong?"

If you were lucky enough to have seen my Poppy sing at a wedding, you’d probably have heard him do Just A Gigolo. If you were lucky enough to have a 50th wedding anniversary, he’d greet you with, “What went wrong?” Have a spot of tea and a spot of cookie for my Poppy’s 100th birthday today, he was the kind of fun they don’t make much anymore.

Three Times A Lady

Three Times A Lady.

Maybe if you look close at the night sky, you’ll see them.

My Aunt Janet passed away last week. She and I shared a love of John Cleese, sewing outfits for our animal friends, and barking at raccoons, among a million other things. Last year she published a story she wrote about her mother-in-law’s life called The Little Girl Who Lived Birds. You can read it here:


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