A Visit to the Vet

The Puppy greets The Slinky One with a wagging tail. "Oh hey, where'd you go? we were freaking out!" she says. "Bro, is it you?" The Fluffy One asks, sniffing his bro. "I went to that doctor of yours!" The Slinky One declares. In the second panel, it cuts to me holding him at the door of the vet's office as he looks through to a dog outside. "I never saw so many people! And dogs! Dogs that look like cats, even!" In the third panel, it's now and he says, "Then they took me in the back room and stuck a thermometer up my bottom." His brother licks his face and the Puppy looks away and says, "Ya, they do that."

So yeah, The Slinky One was amazingly cool about going to the doctor. His bloodwork was 99.9% normal, except for a bit of inflammation. The doctor told him he loved him and then made him cry poking around in his mouf. He was given a pile of medication he didn’t like and saw dogs and lots of people and even a bus! He was fascinated by all the things going on outside the office. Later he told us he thought what happened in the back room was because of the way he bet on the Super Bowl.

Oh hey, Lars!

The Puppy catches up with Lars the Norwegian Elkhound at the curling sheet. She has a one-sided chat with him, and when he notices her, he says he is glad they're still living. So am I, bub.

Lars! You remember Lars, don’t you?

(I haven’t migrated the strips over from the other site but he showed up in 2010 and again in 2012.)

He’s a Norwegian Elkhound, so he speaks Norwegian, but he’s glad he and the Puppy are still living, and so am I. Apparently he’s realized his dream of joining the Norwegian curling team. This has been our Valentine’s day episode, thank you and goodnight.

The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption: Sneak Preview

The great humans at HomeoAnimal have been interviewing hundreds of pet shelters and rescuers to learn all they can about adopting pets to help other humans start the greatest adventure I’ve ever had, adopting furry babies.

Being it’s coming up on the anniversary of when the Ninja Twins picked me that day at North Shore Animal League, I thought I’d point you to The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption: Sneak Preview in case you want to know how to help your local shelter or, if you’ve never had a pet, learn tips to get you ready for the awesomeness that is pet adoption.