We Wish You A Merry Christmas….

This is as close to a Christmas card as I’m getting this year, it’s been a weird one. Wishing you sunshine, love and fun always. We’re taking a few days off, see you next week!

A Visit From Santa The Claws!

Every night since I put up the decorations, she visits the backyard, gets fascinated by the tinsel in the wreath, bops the bejeebers out of it, and then zips away under the fence. She only knows me on the porch, she doesn’t come to see me, in fact if I talk to her she movesContinue reading “A Visit From Santa The Claws!”

Spider Wisdom Is Spot-On.

I’m so sorry I didn’t make this story end much happier. I had a hundred chances. It will be one of the great regrets of my life. But that little kitten playing with that Christmas bow made the world a better place for a little while and I wish I had video of her doingContinue reading “Spider Wisdom Is Spot-On.”

What to give….

Here is my special treat for all of you.  I made it with love and pencils and stuff. The idea of leaving oil out for the drone came from the ever-sharp wit of Tom Bergeron, though. Too bad Norman Rockwell isn’t here to paint a Christmas Eve tableau of an eager kid leaving a cupContinue reading “What to give….”

Have some pie for Jesus!

Merry Christmas. I have no other way to describe today’s strip. Well, I do, but not here. It would take too long. I like holidays, I like ALL holidays, but I have this inner Catholic schoolgirl that apparently likes to make bizarre St. Jude jokes. I also really like pie. See you on the otherContinue reading “Have some pie for Jesus!”