See you next year.

Eek, I did this a while ago. I have never not looked forward to a new year on new year’s eve as much as this one. Usually I’ll pine for the year gone by because invariably someone I liked died or a radio station changed formats or something, but this will most likely be aContinue reading “See you next year.”

Even words suck.

When I started doing this comic, I had always planned on ending the year with this kind of strip, but the ending kept changing. Now, as I’m standing at the end of the year looking back at what happened within my little realm of conciousness, I realize it could’ve been much worse on a lotContinue reading “Even words suck.”

Someday, we’ll look back at this and puke.

It has been a busy year. I’m glad I started this comic, though. Many a year has come and gone and I have nothing to show for it but mysterious bills. I still get the bills, still don’t remember what for, but I feel like I did something with these strips. How sad is that?Continue reading “Someday, we’ll look back at this and puke.”

Have some pie for Jesus!

Merry Christmas. I have no other way to describe today’s strip. Well, I do, but not here. It would take too long. I like holidays, I like ALL holidays, but I have this inner Catholic schoolgirl that apparently likes to make bizarre St. Jude jokes. I also really like pie. See you on the otherContinue reading “Have some pie for Jesus!”

I’ve often been told that you only can do what you know how to do well….

Today, I write the truth. I have three major projects to finish in the next 48 hours, and I have to also be awake on Saturday for at least five hours so someone I only see once a year won’t leave thinking I suck. I should be able to pull it off. Provided the blackContinue reading “I’ve often been told that you only can do what you know how to do well….”

Seasonal Affective Disorder starts at 3:45am.

I think it’s too late for me. Then again, maybe not. I really did drink some sleepy tea, and I think what it does if you don’t lie down within a certain amount of time is put things into your head that make you want to lie down and curl into a ball as soonContinue reading “Seasonal Affective Disorder starts at 3:45am.”

The inner workings of my mind.

I’m a video editor, you know. At least, among my family. Something looks like crap and I get to fix it, because everyone knows I can and will…eventually. I was asked to try brightening a video back in March. Yes, March. Before my floor was devoured and my tree was pronounced dead and my carContinue reading “The inner workings of my mind.”

The meaning of Christmas.

The Ninja Twins seriously love climbing trees. I’m all old and burnt out, so I’d like to go back in time and stop me from buying all those Hallmark ornaments back in the ’90s. For so many reasons. This year, tragically, sees the passing of the silk ladies. Up until tonight, I called them theContinue reading “The meaning of Christmas.”

The trees shave in the gutter.

Gutter rakes truly do kick ass. Just before the snow comes, I’ve become obsessed with removing the small trees from my rain gutters, and I blame the catalog that came in the mail back in July which featured the gutter rake, because once I finally got around to using that mofo, my gutters are likeContinue reading “The trees shave in the gutter.”

The poop justice is strong, and was duly served.

Reality checks are always useful. For instance, I’ve been listening to a lot of ’80s music since setting up my Frankenradio (as in Frankenstein, y’know…not Al, I don’t think he plays music and being this literal makes my heart hurt), and I’m remembering things about my past…at least I think it’s my past, and someContinue reading “The poop justice is strong, and was duly served.”