But then I got the flu. No, really. In September. Who does that? The person I caught it from, I guess, but WHO DOES THAT? You know I wash my hands, this is a travesty. Anyway, I was going to go, “Who wants mugs and notebooks that say ‘PLANS!’” and you were all going toContinue reading “Business.”

September is also Dystonia Awareness Month!

September is also Dystonia Awareness Month! According to my neurologist, I have it. For me, it causes weakness in my right arm and leg, and of course the ever-present tilted head. We tried Botox and that wasn’t for me, but luckily I have a family who understands what’s going on with me and also iceContinue reading “September is also Dystonia Awareness Month!”

That comic about that thing….

Blessed are those who can grab their sternocleidomastoids. Or something. I’m sleepy. I’ve recently been diagnosed with cervical dystonia, which sounds disgusting so I’ll call it wonky neck. I’ve had wonky neck for so long I’m genuinely surprised by life without my own muscles trying to rip my head off. This is not a newContinue reading “That comic about that thing….”

Put some cream on that.

September is Chiari Awareness Month, and I have Chiari so every day feels like Chiari Awareness Month, but I’m only subjecting you to it for one week. It’s time for the Chiari Cream Challenge to support Ehrick Garion’s Act. Here’s some weird girl who may or may not be me depending on whether you findContinue reading “Put some cream on that.”

PSA Cha-Cha-Cha

This is totally serious, I have Chiari and I took the Chiari Cream Challenge to raise awareness only my cream was still frozen so you can read this comic then watch this video: Then visit to learn more and support Ehrick-Garion’s Act. (Also check out the About Us page because you may see someoneContinue reading “PSA Cha-Cha-Cha”