More Sports!

The Spider comes in to remind me of all the projects I want to do in spring, but I am busy watching the Paralympics with my sleepy Ninja Twins and the Puppy, who says she thought sports were over but now there are more and they make us beileve we can so anything so we're going to sit and watch sports.

The Paralympics are on this week! I have no idea if they’ll be on TV more than last time, but as long as I get to see the Curling I’ll be happy. I know during the Rio Paralympics the events were all on YouTube, which is a pretty nifty idea for people who don’t want to take over the TV on their very patient family who luckily enjoy the games too. >_>

Oh hey, Lars!

The Puppy catches up with Lars the Norwegian Elkhound at the curling sheet. She has a one-sided chat with him, and when he notices her, he says he is glad they're still living. So am I, bub.

Lars! You remember Lars, don’t you?

(I haven’t migrated the strips over from the other site but he showed up in 2010 and again in 2012.)

He’s a Norwegian Elkhound, so he speaks Norwegian, but he’s glad he and the Puppy are still living, and so am I. Apparently he’s realized his dream of joining the Norwegian curling team. This has been our Valentine’s day episode, thank you and goodnight.