A Wild Tiger Appears!

Oh, my babycat. I haven’t seen her as much lately, she has other yards she visits, likes to stay safe. But that night she spent in my backyard was dreamy. She ventured out into the open and stretched out on a rock, and I snuck her some crunchies. It’s like that Summer Nights number inContinue reading “A Wild Tiger Appears!”

Just A Gigolo….

If you were lucky enough to have seen my Poppy sing at a wedding, you’d probably have heard him do Just A Gigolo. If you were lucky enough to have a 50th wedding anniversary, he’d greet you with, “What went wrong?” Have a spot of tea and a spot of cookie for my Poppy’s 100thContinue reading “Just A Gigolo….”

Smell Those Girls!

Okay, so back in the ’80s when my Poppy would come home from his friend’s house, he’d say to our dog, “Smell those girls!” because his friend had a load of girl dogs. My Poppy would’ve been 100 this Friday so you’re getting some way out interpretations of some of his quotes.