Because of him.

A photo of the blue-eyed white tiger cat who visited me for five years is shown. A voiceover says we're all here because of him. We're all sitting on the steps talking about how dreamy he is. The Tortie asks where he is. In the last panel, we're all looking sad. The young tabby sits up and announces, "I think he's my dad!"

I just want you all to know Richard Harris was singing MacArthur Park on the radio as I scheduled this comic and I’m not trying to bring you all down with my silly comic, but I haven’t seen my blue-eyed Siberian tiger man since May 7. Except I did see him in a dream, and he looked young and bright-eyed and I hope wherever he is, he’s lounging in the sun.

Movie Week: Emma

I’m recovering from dinner this past Thursday, and have decided to not eat again for quite a long time.

Meanwhile, movie week is under way and it starts with Emma. You say you don’t get it? You obviously haven’t watched Emma enough. The next strip’s going to be even weirder, but it comes from the fact that I *heart* Jeremy Northam, almost as much as I *heart* Emma and The Shining.

I’ve said too much already.

*passes out*