Where do you do your best thinking?

I believe the bathroom may very well be a temporal doorway that takes me back to when I knew everything. For a few brief moments, really brilliant stuff comes back to me. Much like Island 94.3, which I can only hear if I stand near the towels. Today’s strip didn’t come from any of that.

What happened was that one of the little stealth Ninja that live with me discovered there is a tunnel of sorts behind the toilet, and proceeded to run through it and dust off the water pipe that runs from the wall to the tank. He had fun, I merely envisioned future dustbunny hairballs if I didn’t clean his face off right away.

Another useful tip for everyone to live by is this: Ninja do not appreciate having their faces washed when they are on a mission. Italian Ninja are no different.

(This post should have read: “HA! I’m on the toilet! Pfffft!”)