I just completed this comic 6 hours ago with a tuxie mommy standing on the keyboard. She made sure I finished it. My girls haven’t played together…yet. They still stare ate each other like, well, “Are you the daughter of the trollop who stole my man?” and “Are you the mother of that maniac?” butContinue reading “Footie.”

Your Mother-In-Law’s Potatoes

Okay, so…I realize you have questions. I will attempt to answer them. Yes. Technically he should play solids and the tabbies should play stripes. We’re all one team. They haven’t…yet. There was, but I fixed it. Balls can always be used to hit stuff, preferably squishy balls.

The One And Only

Sweet dreams, Doctor Whoof.  Until next time. I have had a ball making this adventure, I have requests from the Ninja Twins to maybe not be so much about The Puppy the next time. *ahem*  Next week the comic is going to catch up with what I’ve been doing, sort of.  Remember October is MysteryContinue reading “The One And Only”