A Wild Tiger Appears!

Oh, my babycat. I haven’t seen her as much lately, she has other yards she visits, likes to stay safe. But that night she spent in my backyard was dreamy. She ventured out into the open and stretched out on a rock, and I snuck her some crunchies. It’s like that Summer Nights number inContinue reading “A Wild Tiger Appears!”

I Made A Thing!

I’ve somehow been coding 100 days straight and to celebrate I made a game. It’s a memory match game starring all of us comic strip characters and can be found here: https://codepen.io/LyNac/full/gdWBPQ/ It needs JavaScript enabled and I’d love feedback (like if it doesn’t behave the way it should). I am planning bigger things forContinue reading “I Made A Thing!”

Bathroom Humor?

Hey, when you gotta go…. (No, I didn’t really do this.) 🙄 (I barfed in the Ninja Twins’ pan once. It was the nearest bathroom! I cleaned it up…then I barfed again. I had a really bad headache, I was coming off caffeine–but that’s not what this comic is about!)