Catching Up With The Fluffy One.

In the first panel: The Fluffy One is wrapped in a towel, complaining to The Puppy that the medicine is making him live. The Puppy says, "Ya, that's good." In the second panel: The Fluffy One is eating and telling The Puppy, "I cannot believe there are more of me!" The Puppy rolls her eyes and says, "Ya, cats." The Fluffy One says, "Fascinating!" In the third panel: The Fluffy One is standing at the door, asking Babycat if she likes birdeens. Babycat asks him, "Does your mom know you're out here?"

The weeks are speeding by, thankfully The Fluffy One is eating again and doesn’t even have to be a purrito for medicine. He discovered the porch cats one day, and looked from one to the other and then through the railing like, “where are the others?” I washed his paws as soon as soon as I got him back in the door, and then he ate his dinner like he hadn’t eaten in ages. As if seeing another cat reminded him to eat before someone else eats his fud. The Puppy eats his food all the time, so I’m not sure why he needed to see cats, but man did that put ideas in my head.

“Don’t Die, I Love You!”

I was struck by the existential crisis that my little friend and I are a lot alike. We’re both set in our ways and like hanging out with our moms but to be fair I don’t go to wherever the cats hang out and sit there being adorable until they want to invite me into their crawlspace or whatever only to be like, “Nope, byyyyye!”

The mailman told me his daughter is into cats and says when a cat likes you they’ll emit a chemical and they bond with you for life. I’ve told this cat I still want to know her when I’m 60. She vaulted off me, purred, and untied my shoe. She’s really good at that chemical thing.

Beyoncé Made Me Do It?

I get up in the young tabby's face as she's eating and tell her I got her something, and that Beyoncé says if you like it put a ring on it, so I got her a harness. The young tabby calls for freedom and clings to the porch railing calling for her mommy. I mention I could be her radiator mommy.

I don’t offer to be just anyone’s radiator mommy. Yes, I did really do this, she is that cool with me. I CAN DRESS HER!

And when I took the harness off her, she didn’t run away, she just sat down and looked at me like, “Did you get that out of your system? Can I eat in peace now?” Which is a step up from one year ago tonight when she bounced off the walls of the house, sat on the toaster growling at me, and then took off for a week. I would squeak at her from the porch and she would look like, “I’ll come back when you’re gone.”

More on her mom in the exciting next adventure.

A Visit From Santa The Claws!

The young tabby skritches on a plant holding a wreath. She bops the bow, purrs, and zips away under the fence, leaving a pawprint on the bow.

Every night since I put up the decorations, she visits the backyard, gets fascinated by the tinsel in the wreath, bops the bejeebers out of it, and then zips away under the fence. She only knows me on the porch, she doesn’t come to see me, in fact if I talk to her she moves out of view for a while. She comes for the wreath, and I guess that’s okay. I’m just happy to see her.