Every night after dinner for like an hour, I walk the Ninja Twins.  The Fluffy One has a teal lead, The Slinky One has a purple one.  This was because my mother and Nan thought they wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.  The Woman and I, we know. The brothers, however, occasionally happen uponContinue reading “Storytime.”

Stuff of legends.

…seriously. This entire arc has been based on a joke I ran with after adopting the Ninja Twins. One had corrective naval surgery while at NSAL, and had three stitches in his little furry body. And so it was that for weeks on end, they would tell everyone who would listen tales of their bravery,Continue reading “Stuff of legends.”

Look into the eyes of the assassin kitten….

The Fluffy One posed for ALL OF THIS. I’m a bit smug about these most recent strips. I feel like I’ve really been drawing lately. *sniffle* I mean, I’ve drawn a proper foot. This is a big moment for me. For the Ninja twins as well, because this chapter of their story is almost wrappingContinue reading “Look into the eyes of the assassin kitten….”


Beware of men with guns bearing fishy. I’ve got expanding foam in a can all over my hands at the moment, because I forgot to wear gloves while falling onto a stream of expanding foam. Expanding foam in a can is not as soft and squishy as its counterpart, the pillow. Then again, in itsContinue reading “FISH!”

Almost there….

And we all know what an embarrassing thing happened to Red Leader after that. -_- I have nothing to say on the new Star Wars DVDs, as I haven’t seen them yet, as I haven’t got that kind of money lying around. Yes, really. By the time I see them, however, the smoke of fandom-at-largeContinue reading “Almost there….”

I feel the same…

As my little storyteller. No, really. It will pass, however. I just need to let the allergy medicine kick in again. I leave you with the knowledge that I like to sew. I’m pretty good at it, I mean, even though I’ve sewn a great many things to my own body parts, it all endsContinue reading “I feel the same…”

Benny The Fish.

True story: I had a fish named Benny.  Benny and Maristella, named for characters from a soap opera I watched during childhood nosebleeds.  All my other fish had names too, but when Benny died, and we called my Poppy to tell him Benny The Fish died, my Poppy said, “Ohhh, no.  …Who’s Benny The Fish?”