Proof Of Life: yet another sneak preview.

A preview of a work in progress, with a hastily sketched bird raising an eyebrow. "Wait, this isn't even the comic I have to do over, this is one I had an idea for LAST YEAR, and still, somehow, I don't have a finished comic for you. But I have so much material. If I live.'

Someday I’ll get the relaxing thing I enjoyed doing back and we won’t have to endure these previews. Meanwhile, have a scrawl of the exciting next episode, which won’t look like this at all once it’s completed.

I Guess I Got My Answer.

The hard drive in the computer capable of running Krita, the drawing app, is no more. With it went the comic I really wish I had finished. But no, I was starting a new phase of Not Stressing and walking away when I had to.

That sort of behavior is not what brought you all this comic for 15+ years.

I’ve seen other comics go this way, a drive failure, LIFE EVENTS, and I really don’t want that to happen because this comic is literally my life and I have a pile of ideas I want to draw. I even wanted to get into animations, and someday maybe I will, but for now I’m going to keep it as simple as possible so I can just get cute cat and dog comics in your eyeballs instead of just moping about how I really really should have moved that one file over to the old computer even though it wasn’t finished yet.

Technical Difficulties.

Do you believe in the power of Mercury retrograde to disrupt things?

I was going to make a joke on Wednesday that I was giving up my comic for Lent, but as it turns out the computer that runs Krita and has the artwork for the next comic gave up on working properly, so until I get it working again through fancy key combos or just removing the hard drive and finding the comic, I owe you a movie. I would have had it finished in another hour.

I may be going ahead with the March adventures as ol’ pencil-and-Paint-Shop-Pro comics I can still manage on my old duffer PC. I don’t know yet. I don’t really know anything right now.

Fortunately, we have top men working on things.

A photo of a grey tabby standing on a table over paperwork.


Sneak Preview: Here We Go Again

A preview of the next comic, an outline of The Fluffy One's face.

I guess a week isn’t enough time to put a comic together, even one that’s way less involved than what I had originally planned. I have 5 valid reasons for not having this ready, and in the olden days I would make comics about that but we see how that’s been going. The next exciting adventure be finished by the end of the week, I promise.

Movie Month 2020: The Lighthouse

In a spoof of the 2019 movie The Lighthouse, The Fluffy One and The Kitten are dressed like lighthouse keepers, standing in front of a lighthouse. "You do not bother the gulls!" The Fluffy One warns. "I just want to look at the gulls! Why can't I look at the gulls?" The Kitten asks. At the shore, Babycat lounges wearing a mermaid tail. "I once wrestled a gull...," she says. "It gave me sexy powers."

Movie Month 2020 begins with the cutest spoof of the most disturbing movie I’ve seen involving gulls since The Birds!

(Seriously, don’t watch The Lighthouse if you like birds. Just look at this and go have a drink.)

Prints and more are now available at Society 6! Click here to buy a print of this comic!

Puppy Pal Cyber Shoutout!

The Puppy is on the floor with an open laptop. "Oh hey, I'm just hangin' out on the Internets with my puppy pals, totally cyber sniffin', you know." From the laptop comes eight calls of, "Hey!" and one, "CHECK THIS OUT!" In the bottom panel, The Puppy looks at the laptop screen skeptically. "Oh hey, did you just wee on your computers? Hello?" Over the computer comes a zapping sound.

Whaaaaat, a Friday comic?! Internet Puppy Pals are having a fundraiser! It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, my bestie and her mom are being kicked off the land where they’ve lived for years with the adorable and sweet dogs they’ve rescued, and they can’t take the dogs with them. My friend wants to make sure her nine dogs survive this bullshit and she’s raising money to get them into a no-kill shelter.

Even if you’re broke, you can help by sharing the link. Please click through to read the whole story and thanks!

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