The Hot Man Club

M'Man sits on a table watching an Congo African Grey parrot fly in. "Whoo, bebbe, am I glad to see you! These can ain't gonna knock themselves off the table on their own."

The Hot Man Club just got a little hotter. 😘

You’ve met this hunkbird before. His name was Roscoe, and he saved America with his fart jokes. I wish I’d gotten to meet him in person, but some of the happiest times are when I drew him. (And yes, I DID draw him here, it’s pretty obvious I love my cousin birds, my cats, the sky and grass, but not chairs and table legs so much.) The Hot Man Club only requires chairs for getting around. Closets are where all the action is at the Hot Man Club.

Sticking Around

I'm wearing a dark hoodie and holding a stick that could totally be a double-bladed lightsaber. The Fluffy One is playing with the stick, Babycat is pawing at it, and The Kitten is flipped over in the air, grabbing at the stick. "This stick belongs to me now, uncle!" The Kitten declares. "My boy!" Babycat says. The Fluffy One says, "You stop being dangerous and get down here! Stick cannot be played with you walking around in the sky!" The Puppy just stands there asking, "They fly now?" The spirit of The Slinky One hovers nearby, telling The Kitten, "You get that thing, little baby! Then give my bro a hug and chase his juicy butt!"

The Fluffy One’s always been a fan of sticks. Other cats can have the ribbons and feathers and squeaky chirpy things, he knows where the action’s at. This week his sweet nephew discovered the magic of sticks and was hooked. I said, “What have I done?” a few times as I searched for a place to hide the stick, which wasn’t easy on account of all the laughing.

New Star Wars this weekend! I’ve lived through the LAST STAR WARS EVER three times now, first in 1983 and then in 2005, and I’m looking forward to enjoying this one. I find it’s easy to enjoy Star Wars when I avoid people talking about Star Wars, and I had the time to make this comic because I’m off most social media until I see the movie. I guess you could say the only sticking around I’m doing will be with actual sticks. Oh ho ho.

Fourteen O’Clock!

1. The Puppy is bustin' stuff up to get me to go walkies. She's standing on some pens, some drawings, and my shoe with my foot still in it. "Oh hey, it's fourteen o'clock and time to rock!" The Puppy yells happily. "My foot!" I yell. 2. The Puppy stands on the street wearing her coat, staring. A caption reads: "3 hours later." "No one I know is out here to wish me happy birthdays," the Puppy says. 3. The Puppy is lounging on the floor with the cats. In front of her are three bare plates. Off to the side is a bowl full of food. "...then what did you do?" Babycat asks, fascinated. "Oh, you know, I went up the hill, and across the street, and then I totally came home," the Puppy says, wagging her tail. "But doggie," The Kitten asks, looking up at her, "How come you eat cat food when you have your own food?" The Fluffy One tells him, "Eh, it is the way the sister has always done it."

Aww, Puppy, happy fourteen o’clock! I love you, tan tornado.

The Puppy wrapped in a blankie, looking a lot like Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda totally stole your look.

And you totally stole my heart. And the dictionary. And Mum’s glasses and Nan’s audiobooks.

The Puppy as a puppy!

I’m so glad you like cats.

The real-life Puppy with the real Ninja Twins in the real backyard, in Spring of 2011.

I guess it helps that you met the best cats ever when you were all the same size.

The real Slinky One and Puppy hanging out in the yard, Spring of 2006

No, really, especially now that you has a kitten and totally tolerate him trying to touch your face.

The real-life Puppy, Fluffy One, Babycat, and Kitten all together in one photo for a split second.

He’s right behind you, Puppy.

The real-life Puppy with The Kitten behind her.

I’m so happy you and his mom are besties and can totally talk about girl stuff.

The real-life Puppy and Babycat hanging out.

And of course you and bro are tighter than ever. As long as you don’t wee near the nip.

Real life Puppy has a stand-off with The Fluffy One over an orange tennis ball.

You’re hot stuff, Puppy.

The real-life Puppy curled up on a dining room chair.

I hope it stops raining and we get to go for lots and lots of hour-long walkies and meet all your friends and random strangers getting out of cars.

The real-life Puppy wearing her jacket, ready to go walkies.

Happy 14th Birthday Pupplepants! We love you!


Call It a Sneak Preview

Whaaaaat? Technical difficulties raining through the ceiling, but who wants a comic on SATURDAY? OOH! Yes, you want that, that’s what you’re getting. Yes.

This is part of it, there’s way more, but my plan to do some when I get home is starting to not work. I’d tell you all about what’s holding up the quality comics you expect out of me but then what would I put in future comics? HAAAAAAAAAAA

Gonna Finish That?

He’s a doll, no one minds sharing with him. Really. No, really, he and Uncle Fluff will eat out of my hand TOGETHER. 😻

“Sharing is caring,” is totally Uncle’s advice, he even borrowed that from him.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Happy Thanksgiving!

We sit around the table after Thanksgiving pie and coffee. The Kitten is swinging on the light fixture, shouting, "This is my first Thanksgiving!" The Spider is chugging something out of a bottle. Babycat tells the story of last year when she enjoyed a ham bone under a car with her mom and dad and siblings and boyfriend. "Can you invite my family?" she asks. "Ya, and I can invite my friends!" The Puppy says from the other end of the table, where she's standing over a pie. "Last year at this time I had the creamy whip of a pie with me bro," The Fluffy One says. The Slinky One hovers nearby, declaring, "Okay, wherever there's creamy whip, I'm there." I'm sitting with my hand over my mouth and tears filling up my glasses.

From all of us to all of you, raising a bit of whatever creamy whip you prefer for absent friends.

As always, thanks for reading!

Medical Advice

The Fluffy One is huddled under a blankie. The Puppy is sniffing him. Babycat and The Kitten are to either side of him, very close. "Eh, you know I have had all of the lab tests and still the food is uninteresting when this baby jumps on me. If I die I am taking me brother's horse and all of the women with me on the boat. I am also taking this little baby with me." Babycat says, "Don't be silly! The medicines will help you. Where I'm from, the sick have to leave the porch and wait under a hedge until the predators come. Besides, my baby jumps on me all the time and I'm fine." The Kitten adds, "Uncle if you're not going to get any better, you should marry my mom!"

How does this fit into Thanksgiving? I am thankful for steroids, y’all.

(BTW I didn’t write The Kitten’s line, my Poppy said something like that to my Nan and they got married on this date and had darn near 30 awesome years together. 🥂)

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