It may seem like all I do is talk to myself but there are people who exist outside of my head creating awesome stuff and helping community cats in NYC. Here are the ones with websites you need to visit NOW: – For all your LGBTQ sci-fi adventures!

Pinky Swear Press – Home of the Pinky Pod, a paranormal podcast, and more.

Keeping Up With Bill – Blessing you with the best travel photos for decades.

Making Faces Parties – Making kids of all ages smile.

Yo Angela – Design, illustrations, and infographics.

Rachel Hester – Web content, creation, and management.

Sunny – A TNR hero and TikTok sensation.

Bronx Community Cats – Organizing TNRM services in The Bronx, NY.

Bronx Tails Cat Rescue – Improving the lives of local cats in the Bronx and Harlem.

157 of Gemma – Life with Mochi.

Bianca Xunise – Comics as resistance and excellent taste in all things goth.

Desarea Doodles – From graphic design to fanart.

Flying Armadillo Productions – Art by Robin Pronovost

Hannah Hilliam – Mother of cats and TRONGLE

Lee Strawberry – Specializing in all things aggressively soft and abrasively pink!

Octopus Pie – Now in reruns, but also in color!

Poorly Drawn Lines – Birds and mice hanging out talking, as they do.

Sarah Andersen – Adulthood Is A Myth 2022 calendar available now!

ShirlyWhirl, M.D. – An medical resident who copes by making the greatest art.

They Can Talk – I wish I’d thought of these first.

If you have a site you think belongs here, send me a message and I’ll check it out!

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