Happy 2022!

Shh, just pretend it’s four weeks ago.

An overly happy woman holds a blurry cat while wearing 2022 glasses.

So this is tiny princess Pebbles, she was totally purring and she loves me the bestest because I always have Churu handy.

The Fluffy One, a black cat, looks unimpressed by the sparkly 2022 glasses at his feet.

Uncle Fluff is living his best life free of baloney like being locked in rooms and wearing sparkly glasses. He’s got a girlfriend who takes good care of him and somehow has a bunch of kids now.

The Puppy, a tan dog with a white muzzle and sparkly gold 2022 glasses, glares at the camera.

The Puppy has discovered bacon-flavored dog treats and is hyped for the blizzard we’re getting. Really.

Captain Tinycat, a.k.a. Babycat, looks unimpressed by her sparkly pink 2022 glasses.

Captain Tinycat spends her quality time with Uncle Fluff and is learning to live with Team Tuxedo but still isn’t sure about that little one.

A tuxedo cat with white paws looks under sparkly blue 2022 glasses.
A tuxedo cat with white paws sniffs sparkly blue 2022 glasses.

Tuxedo Mom now comes out and walks around the house all day!

A silver tabby looks at sparkly silver 2022 glasses.

This guy is now six feet tall and has to do time outs so the object of his affection can walk around but he just wants to love the girls and hang out with the guys and catch the red dot, is that so wrong?

A tuxedo cat with a white nose looks offended by the sparkly blue 2022 glasses.

Baby Dave thinks glitter glasses are a waste of time but he loves to play video games and makes his ancestors proud every day.

A very fluffy tuxedo cat with a fancy foot and a tiny white moustache looks through sparkly gold 2022 glasses.

Dani wishes everyone a very fluffy new year and also wants everyone to know he still has the fanciest foot.

A tabby with a white cheek sits near sparkly pink 2022 glasses.

She considers texting her dad to come get her at least twice every day.

But they are all the best and I have lots of stories to tell and I just need to start drawing entire comics from beginning to end instead of a leaving a string of half-complete art in my wake and you will be as delighted and in love with them as I am.

Sometimes I draw on Twitch now but mostly I play video games that always seem to involve cats and dogs doing wild stuff. I also make entire meals for the humans now but that isn’t fun. I also fall asleep as soon as I sit down so I guess I’ll wrap this up. Cheers!

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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