A woman with glasses waves her arms and says, "Everyone has to watch the Olympics on TV now! I bet we'll get so much coverage I'll hate it by the time it's over! Unless it gets cancelled."

Around the room, chaos ensues. A fluffy tuxedo cat is balanced on the television, declaring, "I am on TV! I have balance! I have grace! Give me a medal! I earned a medal! I want one." Another tuxedo cat is reaching up the TV saying, "My turn! I should be up there with you. We can do synchronized stuff."

The puppy looks at them and says, "Did you do nips? This looks like violations."

On the couch, The Fluffy One says, "At last, something good on television!"

A grey tabby lounges on top of a window valance. He says, "Dammit, Baby Nephew Son, get down from there, it's not safe!"

Babycat, his mother, lays on a pillow at the window looking up. "Baby, get down from there, it's not safe!"

Who else is hyped for last year’s Olympics? I’ve seen every one of them on TV since 1980 and I rarely get sick of them. I get sick from sleep deprivation, yeah, but I never get sick of seeing people get along and do amazing stuff for two weeks straight.

It’s weird as hell this time, though. No fans, the IOC moving the bar for athletes that deserved to run, it could be cancelled at any minute on account of a plague, the usual.

I’ll be cheering for everyone no matter how much they get to do.

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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