Hello, Boys!

A woman with glasses and purple hair tells two small tuxedo cats: "I'm sorry boys, somehow three months of comics got deleted when someone sat on the keyboard so this is pretty much your introduction." A tuxedo cat with half a white moustache says, "Wow." The other, fluffy tuxedo cat, says, "This information does not spark joy."

At last, the reason the comic wasn’t a priority for a while there. 😻

Also most likely the reason why the comic this is a re-creation of was deleted, but let’s not go there. (It could’ve been Uncle Fluff.)

So yeah, how cute are they? I hit double fluff jackpots twice in my life and can’t wait to share some of the stuff they’ve gotten into since their mom carried them into my life. SOON.

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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