Happy 2021!

Wow, you think I would’ve had something cool drawn for today, but believe it or not, I’m still going on side quests to get Krita back on a computer. And back up my photos. And clear space on a hardrive. Also my Nan’s PC got corrupted so I reinstalled her OS and while I was at it, I put a spare drive in. Now my photos and comics are backed up there, just in case.

But I took the night off to ring in the new year, and everyone had some crunchies.

A photo of The Puppy, a tan dog with a white muzzle, wearing 2021 glasses.
“Oh hey, Happy New Years.”
A photo of The Fluffy One with 2021 glasses nearby.
“Indeed, it is the new year.”
A photo of Babycat, a calico tabby, loafing in a box with 2021 glasses in a neighboring box.
“Happy New Year, baby.”
A photo of The Kitten, now a full-grown silver tabby, standing over the 2021 glasses.
“AHHYAAAA I’m gonna party!”

“…Will you party with me?”
An animated GIF of a fluffy tuxedo kitten spinning the 2021 glasses.
“I will party with you, Uncle Dad!”
A photo of a tuxedo kitten with a white nose posing next to the 2021 glasses.
“Wow. This is a party?”
A photo of a mom tuxedo cat sniffing the 2021 glasses.
“Weird place to leave these things.”

So that’s us and where we are now. The comic is coming back because I need the stories to be told.

There are also 1200+ older comics that I have to bring over here. So more adventures await. Cheers!

A photo of Lynda, wearing the 2021 glasses and a ridiculous hairband that reads "Happy New Year!" The kitten sits next to me, looking like he wants to eat the hairband.
The best part, as always, is the cat.

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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