What We Did On Our Summer Vacation, Part 3

Sketches of me and what I did on my summer vacation. 1. Finding my Mum on the floor and pointing out she fell. "Yeah," my Mum's feet say. "Called 911 on my mom," is the caption. 2. "Met more cats," is the caption over me lifting a window and seeing a pile of kittens with their mom, the fluffy calico. 3. "Talked on the phone," is the caption under me holding a phone and saying, "I'd like my mum back, please." 4. A badly drawn me holding a grilled cheese out to my Nan is captioned, "Made grilled cheese." "But I wanted a waffle," my Nan says. 5. "Learned to cook chicken," is the caption under me lifting something into a pot of boiling water and saying, "I'm sorry, meat!" The Puppy looks on and says, "Don't poison me." 6. I'm holding a phone and grinning, with the caption "Blacked out my userpics, fixed everything!" 7. "Busted Mum out of rehab," shows my Mum using a walker to get to my car, which is on the sidewalk outside a building as I run with her suitcases. 8. I present Nan with potato salad. "Yum!" Nan says. 9. I look up with binoculars as cats curl around my legs. "Looked for a comet," is the caption. 10. "Made so much potato salad," is the last caption, where only my eyes are visible behind a mountain of potato salad.

My summer has been busy, but here are some highlights. This comic took me weeks to make.

I am planning to make a lot of these drawings better. In fact, this is how all the comics start out. But for now, this is what we have, and if you’ve never checked out the alt text to the comics, now would be a good time.

Or do you prefer these kind of comics?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. (Also I don’t think blacking out my userpics for a few days fixed anything, but I think you know that, too.)

Anyway, the comic seems to be a Saturday comic now. How about that. For what I have planned, the next two weeks need to have two comics or else I HAVE FAILED.

I am opening voting on which bit of this comic you’d like to see more of, give me a direction to go in the future.

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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