Summer Is The Time To Relax!

The Slinky One, appearing as a butterfly, said, "Okay, it's summer. Time to relax!" Utter chaos is going on around him. I'm on two phones, saying, "...but if Legionella is in the water, how do you wash it away?" The Puppy is saying, "Oh hey, there's a cat," to which The Fluffy One responds, "Indeed, I am your cat!" but behind him is a peach-color cat, sitting in a plant and asking what's for dinner. In the window, Babycat announces she'd like to go out and roll in the grass. Her kitten, now the length of the window, says, "Mom! Mom! What about the fireworks? You said it's dangerous out there!" "Nothing is as dangerous as living with you, baby," his mother tells him.

There’s a lot going on here, and I do want to make comics about all of it, well, not all of it, but I want to make sure my Mum can see them and she’s in the hospital fighting off Legionella pneumonia right now so I just don’t really feel like going HAHA LET’S COLOR MY SHIRT or anything much right now. I did want to get my hello summer strip in here, and here it is.

The comic is taking July off, but it will be back in August because I had quite a few comics in the works when everything went very wrong. As of today it’s getting tiny bits better every day, and that’s all I can ask for. Well, I’d like my Mum home for my birthday, too, but we were in the hospital on the original one so way to celebrate, Mum!

While she’s away, I’ve taken over the things she usually does, so there will be comics about that when I think it’s funny again. Legionella isn’t funny, though. No idea where it came from, but if it’s in our showerhead or faucets or even that puddle under the sink I had fixed while my mother was on a ventilator, that’s a problem. All you need to know is staying home and not catching Covid-19 was cool, but the water got stagnant in a lot of places so keep that in mind and continue to be terrified of breathing along with me. Hello. Sorry.

The peach cat who now lives in my yard ran around my house and busted back out the door like a Looney Tune so I don’t know that he’ll be living with us any time soon, but he just squeezed under the fence and plopped down in the grass for the evening.

Did I ever mention I schedule these? Yeah, see, I’ve scheduled EVERY summer series, but I just don’t have anything ready this time because I manage my time well only in my head first thing when I wake up and then NOPE. The only schedules I can live by right now are breakfast for cats when my Fluffy son decides it is and dinner by 7 for humans and everything else is sort of around that.

There are a whole lot of comics to look back on, if you like. When I find a layout that displays images instead of text, that’ll be even more fun!

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Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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