In the most elaborate and oversized comic I've ever done, 20 characters wish you a Happy Halloween. The Spider hangs in the corner, wearing a curly moustache. "Happy Halloween, I hope you like cat treats," he says. I'm dressed at Catwoman, handing out treats to porch cats. "Cool ghost costume!" I say to an actual ghost kitten. "Thanks?" the peachycream kitten replies. His other three living siblings wait paitiently for treats, along with a possum, and The Puppy wearing cat ears and a mask. "Aren't you a dog?" Uncle Papa the white tiger cat asks. "Um, NO, I am totally a cat. I love crunchies," The Puppy replies. The Fluffy Calico cuts in line and asks me, "Do you have any actual chicken?" Meanwhile the hissy tortie is elbow deep in a pumpkin full of treats that has a sign reading, "Take One." In the window, watching what's going on, The Fluffy One calls, "What what, human, you bring in those crunchies at once!" Babycat warns the porch cats, "Don't trust her, she wants to dress you up in clothes! RUN! Eat, then run!" Between his uncle and mother, the Kitten only yells, "Gimme some treats!" In the foreground, a grey-and-white kitten and black kitten hurry off with tubes of Churu. "Wow! Full-size tubes of tuna! How do we open these things?" Beyond the trick or treaters, The Woman is wearing a bee costume, happily announcing, "Time to dress like the queen bee!" While m'Man and The Slinky One have a discussion about black cats dressing up for Halloween. "Ya, ya, but black cats don't need to dress up, bebbe!" m'Man says. The Slinky One replies, "Okay, I gotta tell you I like dressing up but I need someone to do the velcro 'cause I don't like the velcro, okay?" Overhead, the spirit of The Good Sir meows loudly.

Well, my hands have fallen off from making this, so have a Happy Halloween and be careful crossing the streets. I wouldn’t want to have to bury you, you know.

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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