The Horror!

Babycat and The Kitten watch as The Fluffy One heads outside wearing a harness and leash. "Why can he go out? Are we indoor cats?" She asks me. I walk over to where other leashes hang. "Oh, there's a way you can go outties...," I say. I hold up a collar with a heart tag and a leash. "Collars! Leashes! Harnesses!" I say, looking ominous. The Kitten is alarmed. Babycat looks teary-eyed and says, "I've done everything you asked me to do...How could you do this? I survived nakie for two years!" The Kitten looks even more upset by the whole thing.

I can’t say I regret telling her I’d take her for walkies if she lets me put on a harness until the day she actually lets me, then I guess I have to be prepared to learn to climb trees. WHO IS MORE FREAKED OUT BY THIS? Windows are awesome!

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