And Now For Something Completely Different.

In a ripoff of the Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch Confuse-A-Cat, I am dressed as Mr. Gumby. Hanky on my head, glasses and moustache on my face. I am in a trash can on a stage as The Puppy bounces past on a pogo stick wearing an aviator's cap. "Splunge!' she shouts. "My brain's stuck in the wastebasket!" I bellow. On the ground, watching the performance, are the Kitten, Babycat, and The Fluffy One. "I'm so confused," Babycat says.

I got my head stuck in a cupboard and couldn’t make it to London for the record number of people dressed as Gumbies, but you know I was there in spirit. Happy 50th, Monty Python. Thanks for making me laugh when bits of brain fell out of my head.

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