Summer Flew By, Eh?

I'm standing in the yard, musing that summer flew by. "I wouldn't know, I've been indoors," says Babycat, sitting at the window as her son climbs the screen. "Uncle! Look at me! Can I be out with you?" he calls. "Little baby, don't fall out that window, okay?" The Slinky One warns him as he hovers outside the window. Lounging in the grass, The Fluffy One says, "Yes, yes, you stay there, it is not safe! There are...squirrels! Terrible monsters! And also moths. You don't want those, no no." The Spider points out that technically time passes at the same rate. He is drinking from a mug which reads PLANS. The Puppy is wagging her tail. She announces, "I get to go walkies earlier and now I get to wee on pumpkins!"

This whole year flew by. What year is this?

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

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