What’s Summertime?

"Ah, Summer!" I announce. "At last it's hot enough to bare my pasty flesh and sit under the trees." I proceed to walk into a spider web. "I just set that up!" the Spider complains. Looking nervous, The Puppy asks, "Oh hey, do we have to eat her?" "Yes, yes, delightful," The Fluffy One muses, watching a butterfly fly around a blade of grass. The Slinky One floats above, purring. In a window, The Kitten asks, "Mom, what's summertime?" Babycat says, "It's when the sun warms the grass and there are all kinds of things to eat, but it's not safe for you."

To be accurate, it’s the season that it seems normal for me to be walking around in a tank top and sitting under trees. I mean, I was sitting out there with my furry children in February.

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