Babyer Babycat! Tinier Tinycat! A KITTEN!

Holding a phone, I creep up on a box where Babycat had The Kitten. I say, "Hello! Do you like your first box, babyer babycat?" Inside the box, Babycat is nursing her kitten, a small grey tabby. "Can a girl get some privacy?" she asks. In the corner, there is a bit of the sorts of things you find after a cat has had kittens. "Okay, Babycat!" I say, fiddling with my phone. "Just gonna post these photos and look up what that other thing is in the corner."

Hey, I draw it how it was. I didn’t wanna bug her too much, not knowing how many kittens were on the way. Around 10:44 I peeked in and Babycat already had her kitten cleaned up and was nursing him. In the corner was the sort of thing you find when a cat has a kitten. I’d read to make sure there was one for each kitten, and so I was fascinated by the whole thing but yes, I Googled “What does cat placenta look like?” because I honestly wasn’t sure. And now I am. And now you all are, too. *ahem*

Forget that, look at this first super-zoomed up spy photo of my adopted daughter and grandbaby!

Less than 20 minutes old, Babycat nurses her lone grey kitten.

That’s the picture I sent around to everyone like I’d never seen a kitten before. BECAUSE I HADN’T OMG LOOK AT HIS WIDDLE EARS! (Seriously, The Ninja Twins came into my life at 3 months, and I guess Babycat was around the same age when I first saw her in the hedges with her mom and siblings. I didn’t even know the kitten couldn’t hear me squeeing over him at first!)

Published by TailsFromTheBackyard

Webcomic about cats and dogs, living together. Home of a friendly neighborhood spider. Started in 2004.

One thought on “Babyer Babycat! Tinier Tinycat! A KITTEN!

  1. Yes, this is my grand-daughter and my great grand-son. It’s my 96 year old mother’s great grand-daughter and her great,great grand-son. They are truly beautiful and smart. Love them.

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